Harvest Festival in SalzburgerLand “Golden Autumn” in Rauris Valley and Taxenbach

When this golden valley of the Alps presents itself in vibrant autumn colors, the mountain air is especially fresh and the views seem to go on forever. When the fragrance of freshly baked farmhouse bread wafts through Rauris Valley. And the cows return home from summer spent on the high pastures. Then you know it’s time for Harvest Festival in Rauris Valley as well as Taxenbach.

There will be two full variety-packed weeks of Harvest Festivals activities, excursions and festivals in Rauris Valley (2 to 15 September 2019). On 8 September 2019 (in Rauris) and on 15 September 2019 (Taxenbach) our two Harvest Festivals are celebrated in our region. 
*Save the date: The Harvest Festival in Rauris is on the 13 September 2020.*

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