Schlossberg - Castle Hill Refuel your energy A place of history

On the Schlossberg, only remnants of the walls remain of the former hilltop castle in Taxenbach.

The historic power place invites you to linger and rest. Various areas have been created that still make the Schlossberg a special place for young and old today. 

The Schlossberg is also a stop on Taxenbach's journey through time - a historical themed trail through Taxenbach and its extraordinary history. 


Herb garden 

World of herbs on the Schlossberg

Herbs - for a long time, the plants in herb gardens were the most important and only remedy for illnesses and wounds. Over the years, however, they were increasingly forgotten as medicine developed. But people are remembering and herb gardens are growing and enjoying great popularity again.

Every Thursday in summer, you can gain an insight into the world of herbs. Simply register and learn lots of new things about the effects of herbs from our "herb witches".

Barefoot path

Feeling with your feet

True to the motto "Get out of your hiking boots and onto the barefoot path" - because walking slowly and feeling intensively on a wide variety of materials is healthy, especially after a long hike in the mountains or a visit to the Kitzlochklamm gorge.

  • walk slowly
  • Feel different materials and their properties attentively and intensively
  • then keep your feet in the spring

Low ropes course

Whether big or small - everyone can train their balance

Our lovingly designed balancing and low ropes course is on the path between our herb garden and the Kitzlochklamm gorge. So you can't miss it.

Over the wobbly bridge, tree stumps of different heights, the slackline, a spider's web,... You can train your balance in a variety of ways. And with a little practice, the low ropes course will soon be child's play.

Theme trail 

Learn interesting facts about agriculture

There are 9 boards on the topic of agriculture, from the low ropes course to the herb garden. Here, young and old can learn interesting facts about life on the mountain pasture, the labour cycle or the meadow habitat.

Book arch

Reading and relaxing

The media in the bookcase are available to everyone, young and old, free of charge and at any time. Browse or read one of the books and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The book bower is part of the Taxenbach municipal library in Marktstraße, where a further 3,500 items are available for guests and locals.