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Last update:  1. July 2024

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With the help of this Privacy Policy we would like to inform the users of our website about the type, scope and purpose of the personal data processed. Personal data in this context is all information that can be used to personally identify you as a user of our website (theoretically in an alternative way or by linking various data), including your IP address. Information that is stored in cookies is generally not or only in exceptional cases personally identifiable; however, cookies are covered by specific regulations that makes the permissibility of the use of cookies dependent on their purpose to a large extent on the active consent of the user.

In a general section of this Privacy Policy, we provide you with information on data protection, which generally applies to our processing of data, including data collection on our website. In particular, you as a data subject will be informed about the rights to which you are entitled.

The terms used in our Privacy Policy and our data protection practice are based on the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") and other relevant national legal provisions.

Controller according to the GDPR

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Data Protection Coordinator:

Data collection on our website

On the one hand, personal data is collected from you when you expressly communicate such data to us, on the other hand, data, especially technical data, is automatically collected when you visit our website. Some of this data is collected to ensure that our website functions without errors. Other data may be used for analysis purposes. However, you can use our website without a need to provide personal information.

Technologies on our website

Cookies and Local Storage

We use cookies to make our website as user-friendly and functional as possible for you. Some of these cookies are stored on the device you use to access the site. 

Cookies are small packages of data that are exchanged between your browser and our web server whenever you visit our website. They do not cause any damage and are used solely to recognise website visitors. Cookies can only store information provided by your browser, e.g. information that you have entered into your browser or that is available on the website. Cookies cannot execute code and cannot be used to access your terminal device. 

The next time you access our website using the same device, the information stored in the cookies can then either be sent back to us (“first-party cookie”) or to a web application of third party to whom the cookie belongs (“third-party cookie”).  The information that is stored and sent back allows each web application to recognise that you have already accessed and visited the website using the browser on your device. 

Cookies contain the following information:

  • Cookie name
  • Name of the server from which the cookie originates
  • Cookie ID number
  • An expiry date, after which the cookie will be automatically deleted

We classify cookies in the following categories depending on their purpose and function:  

  • Technically necessary cookies, to ensure the technical operation and basic functions of our website. These types of cookies are used, for example, to maintain your settings while you navigate our website; or they can ensure that important information is retained throughout the session (e.g. login, shopping cart). 
  • Statistics cookies, to understand how visitors interact with our website by collecting and analysing information on an anonymous basis only. In this way we gain valuable insights to optimize both the website and our products and services. 
  • Marketing cookies, to provide targeted promotional and marketing activities for users on our website.
  • Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are trying to classify together with individual cookie providers.

Depending on the storage period, we also divide cookies into session and persistent cookies. Session cookies store information that is used during your current browser session. These cookies are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. No information remains on your device. Persistent cookies store information between two visits to the website. Based on this information, you will be recognized as a returning visitor on your next visit and the website will react accordingly. The lifespan of a persistent cookie is determined by the provider of the cookie.

The legal basis for using technically necessary cookies is our legitimate interest in the technically fault-free operation and smooth functionality of our website. The use of statistics and marketing cookies is subject to your consent. You can withdraw your consent for the future use of cookies at any time. Your consent is voluntary. If consent is not given, no disadvantages arise. For more information about the cookies we actually use (specifically, their purpose and lifespan), refer to this Privacy Policy and to the information in our cookie banner about the cookies we use.

You can also set your web browser so that it does not store any cookies in general on your device or so that you will be asked each time you visit the site whether you accept the use of cookies. Cookies that have already been stored can be deleted at any time. Refer to the Help section of your browser to learn how to do this.

Please note that a general deactivation of cookies may lead to functional restrictions on our website. 

On our website, we also use so-called local storage functions (also called "local data"). This means that data is stored locally in the cache of your browser, which continues to exist and can be read even after you close the browser - as long as you do not delete the cache or data is stored within the session storage. 

Third parties cannot access the data stored in the local storage. If special plug-ins or tools use the local storage functions, you are informed within the description of the respective plug-in or tool. 

If you do not wish plug-ins or tools to use local storage functions, you can control this in the settings of your respective browser. We would like to point out that this may result in functional restrictions.

Google Analytics

Provider: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, Parent company: Google LLC (USA).
Purpose: Web Analytics, Performance Measurement, Conversion Tracking, Collection of Statistical Data
Category: Statistics
Recipients: EU, USA
Data processed: IP Address, Website Visit details, User Data.
Data subjects: Users
Technology: JavaScript Call, Cookies
Legal basis: Consent, Data Privacy Framework,
Further information:
Here you can find out where exactly Google data centers are located:

On our website, we use the functions of the web analysis service Google Analytics to analyze user behavior and to optimize our website. The reports provided by Google are used to analyze the performance of our website and to measure the success of possible campaigns via our website.

Google Analytics uses cookies that enable an analysis of the use of our website.

Information about the use of the website such as browser type/version, operating system used, the previously visited page, host name of the accessing computer (IP address), time of server request are usually transmitted to a Google server and stored there. We have concluded a contract with Google for this purpose.

On our behalf, Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of our website, compiling reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. According to Google, the IP address transmitted by your browser is not merged with other data from Google. 

We only use Google Analytics with IP anonymization activated by default. This means that the IP address of a user is shortened by Google within member states of the European Union or in other contracting states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transferred to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. According to Google, the IP address transmitted by a user's browser within the scope of Google Analytics is not linked to other Google data. 

During the website visit, the user behaviour is recorded in the form of so-called events. These can represent the following:

  • Page views, the click path of a user.
  • first visit to our website
  • visited websites
  • start of a session
  • interaction with our website
  • user behavior (for example, clicks, scrolls, dwell time, bounce rates)
  • file downloads
  • ads seen / clicked
  • interaction with videos
  • internal search queries

furthermore, the following is recorded:

  • approximate location (region)
  • date and time of visit
  • IP address (in shortened form)
  • technical information about the browser or the end devices used (e.g. language setting, screen resolution)
  • Internet service provider
  • Referrer URL (via which website/advertising medium a user came to our website).

The processing of this data is essentially done by Google for its own purposes such as profiling (without our ability to influence).

The data about the use of our website is deleted immediately after the end of the retention period set by us in each case. Google Analytics gives us a default of 2 months for the retention period of user and event data, with a maximum retention period of 14 months. This retention period also applies to conversion data. For all other event data, the following options are available: 2 months, 14 months, 26 months (Google Analytics 360 only), 38 months (Google Analytics 360 only), 50 months (Google Analytics 360 only). We will choose the shortest storage period that corresponds to our intended use. You can ask us at any time for the retention period currently set by us.

The deletion of data whose retention period has been reached takes place automatically once a month.

Google Marketing Platform / Google Ad Manager

Provider: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, Parent company: Google LLC (USA)
Purpose: Personalized Advertising, Conversion Tracking, Remarketing, Campaign Performance Measurement
Category: Marketing
Recipients: EU, USA
Data processed: IP Address, Website Visit details, User data
Data subjects: Users
Technology: JavaScript Call, Cookies
Legal basis: Consent, Data Privacy Framework,
Further information:
Here you can find out where exactly Google data centers are located:

On this website, the Google Ads service is used for the purpose of advertising our products and services.  Google Ads is Google's in-house online advertising system. 

It is important for us to know whether an interested visitor ultimately becomes our customer. To be able to measure this, there is the so-called conversion tracking. Furthermore, we would like to be able to address visitors to our website again and in a targeted manner. We achieve this through so-called remarketing (retargeting).

Google Ads serves both conversion tracking and remarketing, i.e. we can see what happened after you clicked on one of our ads. In order for this service to work, cookies are used and visitors are sometimes included in remarketing lists in order to be served only with certain advertising campaigns.

This is done by means of a pseudonymous identification number (pID), which the browser of a user receives and is assigned to him. This pID enables the service to recognize which ads have already been displayed to a user and which have been called up. The data is used to serve ads across websites by enabling Google to identify the pages visited by the user. 

Our goal is that the offer of our website through the use of Google Ads targeted to those visitors who are actually interested in our offer. The data from conversion tracking allows us to measure the benefit of individual advertising measures and optimize our website for our visitors. Conversion can be measured through the use of cookies.

The information generated is transferred by Google to a server in the U.S. for evaluation and stored there. A transfer of data by Google to third parties only takes place due to legal regulations or in the context of commissioned data processing. Under no circumstances will Google link data of a user with other data collected by Google.

Google Tag Manager

Provider: Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, Parent company: Google LLC (USA)
Purpose: Launching Tools and Plugins
Category: Technically Required
Recipients: EU, USA (possible)
Data processed: IP Address
Data subjects: User
Technology: JavaScript Call
Legal basis: legitimate interest, Data Privacy Framework,
Further information:
Here you can find out where exactly Google data centers are located:

The Google Tag Manager service is used on our website.

The Tag Manager is a service that allows us to manage website tags via an interface. This allows us to include code snippets such as tracking codes or conversion pixels on websites without interfering with the source code. In doing so, the data is only forwarded by the Tag Manager, but neither collected nor stored. The Tag Manager itself is a cookie-less domain and does not process any personal data, as it serves purely to manage other services in our online offering. 

When the Google Tag Manager is started, the browser establishes a connection to Google's servers.  These are mainly located in the U.S. Through this, Google obtains knowledge that our website was called up via the IP address of a user. 

The Tag Manager ensures the resolution of other tags, which in turn may collect data. However, the Tag Manager does not access this data. If a deactivation has been made at the domain or cookie level, this remains in place for all tracking tags that are implemented with the Tag Manager.


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